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At five years old in her native Moldova, former USSR, Masha Osoianu designed and created her first outfit for a doll named Alla.  By the age of twelve, she was designing outfits for herself alongside her fashion designer mother and was learning the principals of fashion design and hands-on construction techniques.  Being raised by a fashion designer, Masha was continually surrounded by patterns, different textiles and creative people.  Masha fell in love with the fashion business and knew it was her true passion in life.  Her first creative collection of contemporary hand-knitted sportswear was presented on runway when she turned 15 years old.


Matt Swinney and Masha Osoianu design talking about upcoming Austin Fashion Week 10th Anniversary runway on Trendy Tuesday with Amanda Salinas (Fox 7 Austin)

At age 18, Masha’s formal training began at the Republic of Moldova State Art Institute.  Soon after, her training continued at the Art Institute of Seattle.  After several years of designing for Nordstrom Product Group, Masha decided to create her own line. In November of 2008, Masha Osoianu Design (MOD) was born. At the beginning Masha worked with individual customers, creating one-of-a-kind garments unique to the client. Later addition to items selection was hand-made jewelry, which gained wide popularity for its unique style which can translate casual look into a dressy-elegant outfit.


Masha Osoainu Design - Austin Fashion Week Recap


 Her work was showcased in first Bellevue Independent Designers Collection Show and featured in September Issue of British Vogue as well as on pages of Seattle Met magazine. Masha's dress was warn by world known actress Toni Collette in movie 'Lucky Them'.  

Toni Collette in movie 'Lucky Them' (directed by Megan Griffiths)

Toni Collette in movie 'Lucky Them' (directed by Megan Griffiths)

   MOD is designed for a woman who listens to the fashion trends while inventing her unique personal style. The MOD woman is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and she is any age. The shapes are comfortable and contemporary with a feminine appeal. MOD insists on quality in even the smallest details – clean construction, silk fabrics, hand-finished details and hand-knits.  The goal of MOD is to give unique options for style-savvy customers that don’t blindly follow fashion trends.

Masha Osoainu Design was featured in British Vogue/September/14 issue, as emerging designer to look out for

Masha Osoainu Design was featured in British Vogue/September/14 issue, as emerging designer to look out for


  Currently, MOD’s custom and exclusive pieces as well as jewelry are produced by Masha with some on-hands assistance. The wholesale production is based in Moldova at the factory which works with European and US apparel companies and has very detail-oriented culture.  Each piece is handled with care and has one-of-a-kind hand-made element. The knit is original and was inspired by the characteristics of the Russian yarns, each hand selected and imported from Moldova.

   Masha' s signature knitwear combines with classic design to create a modern twist perfect for the fashion-conscious who wants to make a statement. The MOD woman doesn't let trends dictate her wardrobe; rather, she adds the trends she likes to her own personal style. 

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