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masha osoianu design bridal

We specialize in custom bridal and mother of the bride/groom gowns, bridesmaid dresses, customized jewelry, and accessories. 

Kim on her wedding day. custom designed long sleeve gown in champagne color

Kim on her wedding day. custom designed long sleeve gown in champagne color

bridal experience with Masha osoianu design

  •  A personal consultation with designer, Masha Osoianu, with 3 to 4 original customized sketches to choose from (currently Masha is located in Tampa Bay area for in-person appointments and also takes appointments via Skype and FaceTime).

  • Select and approve fabric and color from our unique collection

  • 2 to 4 fittings to ensure the perfect fit 

NOTE:  All brides who aren't local, will be taken care of via phone and online interactions, unless otherwise arranged

  • All items made-to-order. We require 50% deposit at the signing of MOD Bridal Agreement and balance payment during pickup/shipping of finished item - contact directly here


  •  The custom wedding gown created for you can also be transformed by us into a cocktail dress after your wedding.  We can alter your gown by changing the length of the garment, changing the color of the lining or both.  (Pricing will be dependent on needs)

  • All fully hand-knitted Masha Osoianu Design pieces are wonderful to travel with.  Your gown is easy to care for and will fit beautifully into your luggage.

bridal party gifts - custom wedding colors and style

bridal party gifts - custom wedding colors and style


bridal party

  • Bridesmaids dresses

  • Mother of the Bride/Groom gowns, accessories, jewelry 

  • Gifts for the bridal party and family in custom wedding colors

bridesmaid dress by masha osoianu

bridesmaid dress by masha osoianu


mel and her husband aj on their wedding day. mel is wearing her custom open back one shoulder gown

mel and her husband aj on their wedding day. mel is wearing her custom open back one shoulder gown


Mel (Hairdresser & Fitness Instructor) (Austin, TX)

I met Masha as a client and she became my friend!! 

Never had custom piece before!! 

I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I thought it would be more challenging and time consuming than it was!! 

Exciting part was working with Masha to get the fit just right and being able to customize the shape! Also, the idea that it could be altered later on to wear for anniversaries or another occasion. 

The gown was for my destination wedding!! 

I loved Masha’s attention to detail and thought that it was the perfect dress for a beach wedding. Once I found out how easy it would be to travel with it, I was sold! 

The whole experience was SO easy!! It was way different than I had expected. Masha is so much fun and really understands and designs for real women! It made my wedding so much more special! 

Absolutely would recommend to my friends! I had so many complements on my dress and I know how much she cares about her work. Everyone should have at least one custom piece. 

Yes, I would come back to get another piece!!! I love her aesthetic and only wish I had more occasions to wear more of her dresses! 

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Kim (Real estate - public easements and rights of way) (Austin, TX)

Heard about MOD from a friend and never ordered custom designer piece before.

I needed to find my wedding dress in quite short time period. My first concern was cost and second - reliability for how the piece would fit and look, especially concerned that my body shape/figure would not appear as elegant and "classic sexy" with the MOD's style.  But it was exciting to try on the piece! MOD has amazing fashion understanding. The recommendation and encouragement to go with a unique piece for the wedding was fabulous!

Before working with MOD, I tried on many wedding dresses (at least a dozen) but each one just didn't feel comfortable. I then realized those types of traditional dresses were not for my personality and age. I wanted a non-traditional dress. MOD was the answer!

MOD was very professional with her work. The expected dates and budget were met; and not only that, but MOD was like a wedding coordinator!  She would actually often remind me and kept me on track to make sure I came in for the dress fitting schedules. MOD is a great communicator; calls and messages were returned almost immediately. Plus, she informed me of her schedule the week before the wedding to make sure I had enough time for any last minute modifications. She's very caring and she makes sure the ultimate goal is to make me look gorgeous, including shoe styles, make up styles, and hairstyles... working with MOD is personable, she absolutely made me comfortable.

Would absolutely recommend MOD for friends and family! It's great working with MOD and the style is spectacularly edgy and breath taking

PS (from Kim to MOD) Thanks so much again...going through the questionnaires and reliving the decision to go with your design just gives me all so smiles!

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kim and her husband adam on their wedding

kim and her husband adam on their wedding

sarah and bridesmaids - mod bracelets (image by Karen Mason Blair)

sarah and bridesmaids - mod bracelets (image by Karen Mason Blair)

My bridesmaids each chose their own dresses with the direction to go with purples.  That being said, the MOD bracelets were versatile enough they worked for each individual no matter the dress they had.

Sarah (Middle School Teacher) (Seattle, wa)

Never ordered directly from a designer before and I was only concerned that any necessary changes along the way could happen.  Masha/MOD ensured any style me or my friends needed, she'd do the best to accommodate my needs as a bride.

The experience was so easy, laid back and reliable. Masha worked straight from my wedding dress fabric and sought the perfect silk thread to make my bracelet.  I got so many compliments on the unique style and continue to, as it's a piece that I can wear in settings beyond my special day.  I appreciated that as things changed along the way with my bridesmaids bracelets, she was flexible and could change the styles immediately.  As each friend opened their special bracelet unique to each of their styles and personalities, it was great to see the looks of joy on their faces.  

sarah is wearing a mod bracelet

sarah is wearing a mod bracelet

I needed a bracelet for myself, and then six more for my bridesmaids. The bracelet matched my dress fabric as well as the color/shade.  

YES!  Absolutely YES – would recommend to my friends and family! AND yes, I would come back because the pieces are so personal and made with care and the person in mind.  I value the detail and quality of MOD products I've purchased so far.   

PS Sarah also wanted a veil to match her dress and Masha helped her to design, chose fabric and trims and execute just that!


CONTACT US with any questions or to schedule a phone consultation