Olga Drobaha - the artist behind our hand-painted silk batiks

Since we launched our Mini Spring collection, we received a lot of interest and questions about the batik itself.

Yes, it is one-of-a-kind and painted by the artist in her studio in Moldova.

Olga Drobaha and her work

Olga Drobaha and her work


The artist’s name is Olga Drobaha, she’s an apparel designer as well as very talented textile designer and painter. Her main passion is scarves. One of the reasons why we love working with Olga, is because her work is traditional, yet modern. She manages to seamlessly fit 2 or more color pallets in same piece giving the customer more variations to wear it

Dahlia Silk Bolero has warm color scheme on the right front panel and cool colors on the left one, yet the two panels don’t contradict each other and look cohesive in one piece.


While Dahlia batik characterized by strong graphic lines and bright and direct colors, Snowdrop Bolero is a delicate bouquet of spring flowers with white-out tones and sheer lines.


Spring Posy Bolero combines both strong colors and delicate lines and really can be worn with a gala gown as well as just jeans to dinner and would look organic in either way


To see entire Mini Spring Collection CLICK HERE. All items are one-of-a-kind silk batik. They can be replicated by the artist, but not copied. All items are DRY CLEAN only.

To see more of Olga’s work, go to www.instagram.com/odrobaha. If you are interested in her work or in getting one of your own custom batik top, dress or gown, please contact us directly at info@mashaodesign.com and we can get you in touch.

Masha Osoianu